Wavy hair extensions

Are you hoping to change your look with wavy hair extensions? Have you always dreamed of having long, beautiful wavy hair like your favourite celebrity? Perhaps your wedding day is on the horizon and wavy hair extensions would be ideal to give you that stunning wedding hair style you have been fantasizing about?

If you are looking for wavy hair extensions then look no further. I am an experienced, qualified freelance stylist and have been professionally trained in applying hair extensions. I use only the highest calibre hair extension application tools and equipment and only the finest, best quality 100% human hair. You can rest assured that you will have the most natural looking wavy extensions available. No one will know that it’s not your own long locks that you are rocking!

Wavy hair extensions are available in a huge variety of colours and lengths which I will custom blend with your own hair to create the most natural and beautiful look which is unique to you. I will also cut, colour and style your wavy hair extensions so that they will blend seamlessly with your own hair.

The first step towards getting your new look with wavy hair extensions is to arrange a one to one consultation with me. During this time we can discuss all the various aspects of having your wavy hair extensions applied. I will explain the process to you and show you the type of hair that I use. This is specially selected, quality controlled, 100% human hair which is available in a number of colours. Because it is not synthetic hair and is cuticle correct (this means that the cuticles of the hair all face the same way), you will not have to face problems with your wavy hair extensions such as shedding or tangling.

So if you have always dreamt of having long elegant wavy hair, or cascading princess curls, wavy hair extensions are key to making those dreams come true. You can boost your natural hair, making it thicker, volumized and longer, meaning hair that is full of life and body as well as looking naturally flawless.

Contact me today via phone or email to talk about your hair dreams and see if I can make them come true today with wavy hair extensions. Call me on 07740 471455 to book a consultation and to take your first step towards achieving the long, beautiful, lustrous and wavy hair that you crave!