Human hair extensions

Boost your confidence by having personally tailored, individually selected and styled, 100% human hair extensions.

I only use quality controlled, silky and smooth 100% human hair extensions. This is means it is not synthetic and the hair are cuticle correct (meaning the cuticles face the same way) so therefore is unlikely to shed or tangle as some hair extensions may do. For you this means your human hair extensions will be easy to comb through without tangling, leaving you with silky soft, natural looking hair.

During your initial consultation we talk about the various options available when selecting your hair extensions. Depending on your current hair style and type there are many different lengths to choose from, whether you want to add some body to finer hair or you want to go for super long locks. You can also decide on whether you want to have shiny straight, bouncy curls or romantic waves in your human hair extensions.

I will match your own hair to the 51 different colours available and create a custom blend for you, individually designed to give you the most flawless look.

Because the hair I use is 100% human hair, this means it will blend seamlessly with your own hair, giving a more natural subtle look, rather than cheaper synthetic extensions which tend to shed, tangle and generally look more obvious, a dead giveaway that they are in fact extensions and not your own hair. Another bonus to having human hair extensions is the fact that they can then be styled just like you would your own hair…..whilst using straighteners, curling irons and hair dryers on synthetic hair may cause them to burn or melt! Not the look you were going for right?

Once your hair extensions are in place I will finish, cut and style them to fit so that you end up looking and feeling fabulous with your new human hair extensions.

Please call me today to book a consultation or to talk further about your hair extension requirements on 07740 471455.