How it Works

Human hair extensions are a great way to achieve thicker, fuller, longer hair, to create that celebrity look that we all crave!

Selecting colours

If you want gorgeous long locks then the first step is to arrange a consultation with me so we can discuss the style and length that you want for your amazing new look and have a chat about hair extensions before and after.  I will match your hair extensions to your current colour and with 51 different colours to choose from, I will always be able to create a natural look to harmonize with your own hair colour.

You can then also choose the length and type of hair extensions that you want including straight, curly or wavy hair to suit your individual look. Hair extensions are custom blended to meet your individual needs.

The hair I use is quality controlled, 100% human hair extensions, only the silkiest and smooth hair is used. It is not synthetic and is cuticle correct (meaning the cuticles face the same way) so it will not shed or tangle as some hair extensions may be prone to do. This means they will be easy to comb through without tangling and your look will be flawlessly natural, blending the human hair extensions with your own hair. 

Special protein glue

‘Pre bonded’ hair extensions (or glue in hair extensions) are used which are treated with a special protein moulded bond or glue. Because the bonds are made from this protein this means that they will not harm the hair. The hair extension bonds are then applied to strands of your own hair close to the scalp. Applicator tools are used to the heat the bond which attaches it to your hair. The glue in hair extensions are ordered ready prepared so they can be applied simply and effectively.

Easy comb through

Once your hair extensions are in place I can then cut, colour or style to blend the human hair extensions with your own natural hair together to give you the most fantastic look possible. The hair is then ready for you to style as you wish and is easy to comb through with the right combs and brushes.

I will also give you all the information you need on aftercare to keep your hair extensions looking and feeling great.

The transformation of hair extensions before and after is truly fabulous and will give you a gorgeous, glamorous head of lovely long hair. Book your hair extension now.