Hair extension lengths

Want to get the amazing long haired look that all the celebrities have?  With long hair extensions you can get the look you have always dreamed about.  Whether you want really long hair, hair extensions for short hair, straight, curly or wavy hair extensions, or if you want to thicken up and volumize your current hairstyle why not try hair extensions to achieve the style of the stars?

All the extensions come in a variety of lengths so whether you want short hair extensions or long hair extensions or coloured hair extensions it is entirely your choice.  If you want a few strands in the sides to enhance a graduated bob or a full head of fairytale tale length princess hair, all long or short hair extensions are tailored to suit every individual.  During a one to one consultation with me I can show you the various types of short hair extensions and long hair extensions and find hair extensions to match your individual needs.

Length starts from 16inches but can be styled and cut to the desired length if you want hair extensions for short hair.  Hair extensions can be added to short hair just to add volume or body and can be blended in to suit.  As long as your own hair is long enough to cover the bonds so the bonds aren’t visibly noticeable, (usually around 5 inches).  Depending on your current style and length of hair, I can recommend short hair extensions or long hair extensions so your look will be seamless, meaning no one will know its not your hair, unless you tell them!  

The maximum length is 26inches, this measured from the lowest point the hair is attached, at the nape of the neck and will give you very long flowing locks.  There are a range of hair extension lengths including 16”, 18”, 20”, 22”, 24” and 26” however the lengths also vary depending on the texture of the hair desired for your look.

Remember long hair extensions can spring up shorter when styled curly and short hair extensions can look longer when they have been straightened.  So whether you want hair extensions for short hair, or long hair extensions, I can show you and measure how long your finished look will be when all the hair is attached. Prices vary depending on the look and style you want to achieve.

It’s now so easy and convenient to get short hair extensions, adding texture, body and style or gorgeous, glossy long hair extensions with minimum fuss.  Simply book a consultation with me and I will show you all the options available, from long shiny tresses, to gorgeous bouncy curls and elegant waves, I will help you find the style and length that’s ideal for you and show you how you can get the best out of your hair with hair extensions.