Hair extensions pros and cons

We all want beautiful, long, thick hair, but not all of us are blessed with long luscious tresses. There is an answer…what about hair extensions? They can give you the boost of thickness, volume and length all in one go.

Maybe you want to weigh up the hair extensions pros and cons? Firstly, the pros!

If you want a quick, easy way to totally transform your look then hair extensions are for you. With such a huge choice of colours, lengths, styles and hair types, meaning you can dramatically change your style, from mid length straight hair to super long princess curls, or possibly add a few streaks of wild colours like pink or blue, in a matter of hours!

Worried about people knowing you have had extensions? Well with the seamlessly blended 100% human hair extensions, your new hairstyle will look extremely natural, but with some added volume and body, so no one will know you have hair extensions in, unless you share your hair extension secret of course!

You can experiment with different colours, without the commitment. Don’t risk bleaching or colouring your own hair, why not add a few different coloured extensions to your own natural colour matched hair extensions and see what different looks will suit you.

Maybe your wedding, prom, birthday or some other event is coming up and you want to look ultra glam and have stunning hair for the big occasion. Hair extensions could be the way to inject some star quality to your look, its how all the celebs manage to look to fabulous!

And while we are discussing hair extensions pros and cons, let’s also look at cons; they can damage your hair, can be very expensive and might not look natural.

Hair extensions, if applied badly or if cheap, synthetic or low quality hair is used, can really damage your own hair. The system I use however will not cause this to happen. I use ‘pre bonded’ hair extensions (or glue in hair extensions), treated with a special protein moulded bond or glue which will not harm the hair. The hair is 100% human hair and only the silkiest and smooth hair is used, so it will not shed or tangle as many hair extensions, especially synthetic hair extensions do.

The hair extensions that I use are of the highest quality, however because I am a freelance stylist, I do not have the same expensive pricing system as hair salons, although I do use the same products. This means significant savings on your hair extensions! Hair extensions are custom blended to suit the individual; therefore I will give you a price based on your individual hair requirements.

Hair extensions can look cheap, unnatural and tacky for a number of reasons. I use only the best 100% human hair which is custom chosen to blend with your own hair, giving a natural, flawless look. I will also cut, colour and style the extensions with your own hair, making you look and feel naturally fantastic.

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