Hair Extensions Prices

Just as the hair extensions are custom blended to suit every individual, hair extension prices vary for every individual too.

Hair extension prices vary depending on the look you want to achieve, for example if you have very thick hair and want it very long, it requires much more hair than if you already have long hair and just want to boost the thickness with a few hair extensions.  Hair is sold in packs and therefore the more hair you want for extensions, the more packs you will need.

Hair extension prices are therefore quoted on an individual basis, however I charge the same standard application fee for everyone; £150 for all full sets in addition to cost of the hair that is required.

The full price then depends on how much hair you need for your desired look.  For example the average person will need 4 packs of hair for a full set of hair extensions, the most popular being 16” straight textured hair which is £40 per pack.  The cost full extensions is around £300 – but best to call me on 07740 471 455 so we can discuss your needs.

The longer and thicker you want your hair extensions to be, the more expensive it becomes.  Fine hair may require fewer packets meaning that the price of the hair will be less.

The actual hair extension prices also vary depending on the type of hair extension you opt for, on the length of the hair extensions you would like and whether you want wavy hair extensions, straight hair extensions, curly hair extensions etc.  There quite a few different options to choose from which I will carefully select with you to meet your individual needs.  The hair extensions you have will depend on your own hair type and the style you wish to achieve.

For more accurate hair extension prices you will need to book a consultation with me so I can assess your own hair and what is required.  I will explain everything in depth at the consultation, and once the desired style is known, I can break it down to give you an exact price.  Your hair extension price will then be individually assessed and quoted to you so you will have all the information and hair extension prices before you decide to have your hair extensions done.

The consultation is free, however if you choose to go ahead I will take a deposit of £150 to order the hair.  Please note that this is non-refundable as once the hair is ordered it cannot be returned.

These hair extension prices do not include the removal of your hair extensions.  This is charged at £50 and takes around 2hrs, however if you are having your hair extensions replaced within the same month this fee will be waivered.

I also offer products such as shampoos, conditioners and brushes specifically designed to ensure your hair extensions stay looking great.

Call me today to book in your free consultation 07740 471 455.