Hair extensions information

Looking for hair extensions information? Well look no further.

I am here to answer all your hair extensions information questions and queries as well as to book your appointment to be transformed!

Hair extensions are the perfect way to create lovely long locks, achieve full body and thickness or to add dramatic glamour to your hair in time for a special event, wedding or birthday.

Firstly arrange a consultation with me. I am a professionally trained hair stylist with 10 years experience in the industry. I have been providing clients with gorgeous hair extensions for a number of years and only use the highest quality, 100% human hair extensions.

During your consultation we discuss your current hair length, style, colour and type and discuss what look you want to aim for with your hair extensions. We can also talk about any part of the hair extension process and you can ask for any other hair extension information you may want to know about.

I will then colour match the ideal hair extensions with you from 51 different colours to choose from as well as to discuss length and style – there is a huge variety of options including straight, curly and wavy hair. Once we have decided on the best options for you I will order your hair and arrange for your appointment to have them applied.

At this stage I will also discuss the price of your hair extensions. As your look will be custom designed to suit you, prices are quoted on an individual basis depending on the look you want to achieve. The hair is sold in packs and therefore the more hair you want or need for your look, the more packs you will require.

So it’s now that simple to get the fantastic long, thick hair you have always dreamed of! Call me today to discuss any aspect of hair extension information on 07740 471455.