Glue in hair extensions

Glue in hair extensions are a great way to achieve thicker, fuller, longer hair, to get that fashionable look as seen on all the celebs!
Let me transform your hair to give you that long, glamorous, celebrity look using glue in hair extensions. Achieve stunning long locks or add volume and body to lifeless or thin hair. We all crave that fabulous thick long haired look these days although Some people worry that their own hair will be affected and may be damaged when they have hair extensions put in, however the ‘Pre bonded’ hair extensions system (or glue in hair extensions) which I use are treated with a special protein moulded bond or glue.

Because the bonds are made from this protein this means that they will not harm the natural hair or scalp. The specially moulded bonds are applied to strands of your own hair close to the scalp using an applicator tool to the heat the bond attaching it to your hair. You can rest assured that the glue in hair extensions are ordered ready prepared so they are ready to be applied simply and effectively.

As an experienced and professional hair stylist, I can offer you the best glue in hair extensions the industry has to offer. Pre bonded hair extensions are the most effective type of hair extensions available and benefit you by not harming your own hair, being less likely to shed or tangle.

Arrange a consultation with me and tell me how you want your hair to look, whether that’s longer, fuller, wavy, straight, there are so many options to choose! I will match your hair extensions to your current colour and create a natural look to harmonize with your own hair colour.

The hair extensions will last as long as they are properly cared for, however as they are not permanent hair extensions could be the ideal way for you to experiment with your look. Go longer, fuller; add highlights, lowlights or even a splash of crazy colour, without changing your own hair.