Coloured hair extensions

Would you like to have super thick, glossy long hair just like the stars? Why not add volume, length, body and colour to your hair by having hair extensions?

With 51 different coloured hair extensions to choose from, I can create a custom blend to match your own hair so that your new look is utterly natural, no-one will know it’s not your own hair, unless you share your secret of course!

You may wish to add a few highlights or lowlights to your current colour, of course coloured hair extensions are the way to do this without the commitment of permanently colouring your own hair. With such a variety of different tones of blonde, brunette and red, your coloured hair extensions are bound to look fantastic and make you feel confident.

Some of you ladies may be thinking about adding some crazy, fantasy colours but are worried about what this may do to your own hair. Well now you can have the fun colours without the risk, you could decide to have a few coloured hair extensions applied in some of the brighter hues. There are a range of more daring colours including pinks, blues and purples – not for the feint hearted! Now you can add a few splashes of these bright, bold colours to your hair without risking damaging your own hair with tints or bleaches.

With so many different colour combinations and other options available in different lengths and styles, I can create the ideal look for you, giving your hair thickness and body you may have never thought possible. You could have gorgeous long locks over night without having to wait months or years to grow!

Contact me today to arrange a consultation to discuss your coloured hair extensions, and soon enough you too will have long, thick, fashionable hair. Feel free to e-mail me or call on 07740 471455.